Donations and Finance

Donations and Finance

Friends of BBLZ

The Friends of BBLZ program is a direct contribution program where an individual, family, or business can directly make a tax deductible donation to support BBLZ and thus the Lake Zurich High School band program.  Click on the link above to view the brochure with all the details.  BBLZ is a registered 501c3 corporation so any direct deduction is fully tax deductible.

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Reimbursement and Deposit

In order to properly maintain the BBLZ finances in a transparent manner, all requests for reimbursement given to the BBLZ Treasurer must be accompanied by a properly filled out “BBLZ Reimbursement Voucher” which indicates which budget category the reimbursement money is to come from.  BBLZ cannot reimburse a person based on “just spending” without the reimbursement having come from an approved budget category.  Click on the link above for a copy of the BBLZ Reimbursement Voucher.  Contact if you have any questions.