Fundraisers for Band Boosters

Cheesecake and Coffee Time

With the beginning of spring comes our annual cheesecake and coffee fundraiser. We’ll kick it off with cheesecake sampling in the band classes on Thursday, March 22, which we’re told is known as “the best day of the year” in band. Sales for the cheesecakes and coffee will begin on March 22 and run through April 20.

We’re selling cheesecakes from Gourmet Delights and coffee from I Have A Bean. Your child will receive $6 for every cheesecake, and $5 for every coffee that they sell. The money they earn will go directly into their band account, which you can then use to fund band expenses such as band camp, the band banquet, and band trips.

Order forms will be distributed on March 22 in their band class. Please start telling friends, family members and neighbors about these great products. They’re excellent gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduation parties.

Delivery of the cheesecakes and coffee will be on Friday, May 4th right after school. We’re looking for volunteers for distribution day. Please contact Barb Antonoff if you’re interested in helping. She can be reached at: or (847) 436-5637.


Car Wash

This year’s car wash will be held in the PAC parking lot on Saturday, August 13 from 9-1 pm.  All students have been asked to purchase 4 car wash tickets for $20.  These tickets can be sold to neighbors, used by your own family or given away … whatever works for your family.

We will be needing students to help out as well as adult supervision.  Please make sure to sign up however you can help at Band Camp.  Adults can also help by drying the ‘drying towels’ so they can be used to dry cars after they are washed.

Jazz by the Lake

Despite its name, this is a fun, fundraising, adult evening that supports the ENTIRE BAND. The LZHS Jazz Ensemble is the entertainment for the evening and is accompanied by wonderful food, a fundraising silent auction, and fellowship.

Friends of BBLZ

The Friends of BBLZ program is a direct contribution program where an individual, family, or business can directly make a tax deductible donation to support BBLZ and thus the Lake Zurich High School band program.  The link below is the Friends of BBLZ brochure and has all the information required to make such a donation.  As always, BBLZ is a registered 501c3 corporation so any direct deduction is fully tax deductible. Friends of BBLZ Brochure

Amazon Smile

We’re excited to say that we recently signed up for Amazon’s program that allows its users to donate a percent of everything they buy to the charity of their choice! Once you’ve signed up, it’s zero hassle for you, and it’s a welcome fundraiser for the band. Why not give it a go?


Fundraisers that have $$ go directly into your student’s account 

Poinsettia’s (sales start in October and will be delivered Friday, December 2 – Students receive $5 per plant sold into their student account

Cheesecake / coffee sales occur in April, with product delivered Friday, May 5.  Students receive  $6 per cheesecake and $5 per bag of coffee into their student account.

Great Lake Scrip Cards occur throughout the year.  These gift cards can be used for a number of merchants in the area, while a percentage of the total card (which can change monthly and by vendor) will go into your child’s band account.  Before you know it, you’ll be racking up the savings!


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