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Everything Paris

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Paris trip, December 27th, 2016-January 3rd, 2017

Payments for the remainder of your Paris balance is as follows:

Cost of Paris 

Cost of the trip should be $3320, (included in that are nearly $450 of fuel surcharge per ticket). The only thing that could affect the cost is the conversion rate. As long as the rate doesn’t change severely, this is the cost.

Land trip only is $2050 (this means you need to book your own flight) but can participate in any / all  sight seeing / meals that are included in the LZHS Paris trip.
Payment plan is as follows:

a) (already paid if you are signed up): $200 per traveler due

b) (already paid if you are signed up) March 15th, 2016: $600 due

c) September 1st, 2016: $800 due

d) October 1st, 2016: $800 due

e) November 1st, 2016: Remaining balance due ($920)

PLEASE NOTE: The cost of the trip will not be firmly set until November 5th, 2016. The final cost depends on the strength or weakness of the US dollar against the Euro and fuel costs.


The last Paris payment will be due November 1.  Mr. Thompson will be sending a final bill to each family to show what they owe for their final payment.
November 14, 7 pm in the PAC is a mandatory meeting for parents as well as students going to Paris.  Itinerary, expected behavior, and place an order your ‘Paris jacket’- for both students as well as family members that are going with on the trip.  Jackets are $38 per jacket with options for your name ($5) or Madrid jacket to be updated with your “Paris patch” for $8.
Busses will be taking all travelers to O’Hare Airport.  If you are planning on taking your student (or picking them up on the return trip), please make sure that you send Mr. Thompson / Mrs. Conover an email letting them know.
Uniforms will be brought with each student to Paris in their individual suitcase.  Small instruments (flutes / clarinets) will be brought with students as well.  Larger instruments (percussion, tubas) as well as hats will be shipped.  Saxophones / Trombones will be decided on before our departure.