Looking for call times for football games?  Concerts?  What is going on?  This is the place to look … see below for some common questions and answers that will be helpful, especially for the ‘first year’ band parents!

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Q: What does ‘call time’ mean?

A: Call time is the time that your band student needs to be dressed and ready to go!  Call time for a football game means band members should have their marching band uniforms on and ready to practice, not just arriving at LZHS.

Q:  What should my child wear under their marching band uniform?

A:  All students should wear long black socks, their marching band t-shirt that they were given at band camp, nylon shorts / under armor in cold weather (no jeans or sweats) and marching band shoes.  Their uniform, hat box and white gloves will be kept at LZHS in the uniform room.

Q:  What happens if my child forgets one of the above listed items for a football game?

A:  All of the above listed items can be ‘rented’ for a game for a price.  Black socks – $3 / white gloves – $2 / marching shoes – $5 / t-shirt – $5.  All students will be given NEW white gloves at the beginning of the marching band season.  It is up to each student to keep track of their gloves.  It is easiest to keep them in their hat box, so they are with the rest of their uniform.

Q:  How do I find out what my student has in their band account?

A:  Contact Karen Kasregis, Student Account Coordinator, at kasregis@yahoo.com to get your student’s current balance.



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