It’s Concert Season. . . Live Streaming Anyone?

It’s Concert Season. . . Live Streaming Anyone?

The Jazz Band concert is tonight, February 28th, and the Concert Band concert is scheduled for next Tuesday, March 6th. Both concerts begin at 7:00. Many of us are looking forward to heading over to the school’s PAC to listen to the bands in person, but what if:

  • You’re traveling on business and can’t attend, or . . .
  • You’ve caught the flu and don’t wish to spread it, or . . .
  • Your sister all the way in Boston would love to watch little Johnny bust out a trumpet solo, or . . .
  • You have an elderly parent who would love to watch their grandchild’s concert, but doesn’t necessarily want to venture out on a dark, cold winter night?

Here’s a perfect solution for you and for them. They can watch live-streamed versions of the concerts from the the comfort of their couch simply by clicking on the following links:

Jazz Ensembles: This Wed-February 28

Concert Bands: Tuesday, March 6\

We do hope you come anyway! It’s not the same level of excitement on the internet, but we’re glad we can provide this option for those who can’t make it!

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