March Concert Review

March Concert Review

Did you make it to the concert despite last night’s blustery lion-like March weather? Or, perhaps, did you cocoon in the comfort of your home and watch the concert as it was live-streamed onto your pc? Either way, you were in for a musical treat.

The freshman Concert Band began the evening with a bang! Their piece called “Sang!” was a crowd favorite featuring not only their instruments but also their voices in a fun, rhythmically catchy tune using chanting or “skat singing” to teach the band members complex Jazz and Blues rhythms. At the next concert, take a moment to close your eyes and simply listen to the sounds produced by these young musicians. You’ll be hard-pressed to believe that the caliber of music they make is coming from a group of mere 14 and 15-year-olds.

Next up, the Symphonic Band introduced us to the musical equivalent of an aquarium. Falling under the category of “you learn something new every day”, we were taught that guppies sound like piccolos and alto saxes, while electric eels apparently resemble booming bass drums. Who knew? (Next time you’re scuba diving and think you might be hearing bass drums, change directions. Stat!) Their final number ended with a flourish as all of the Concert Band and Wind Ensemble trumpet players were invited to join them onstage for a rousing conclusion.

Finally, the Wind Ensemble took to the stage and wowed the audience with their talent as well as with a virtual trip to the Outback where dingos, kangaroos, and flapping ship sails poured out of their instruments. The musical ability of this honors band, whether through measured restraint in the slower passages or furious fingering during the faster numbers, is very impressive.

As always, it was a night of wonderful music and entertainment – LZHS Band-style.


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