Poinsettia sales

Poinsettia sales



If you still have an outstanding order, please be sure to turn it in right away.

There will be a table at Band-O-Rama tonight where you can turn in your order and also order poinsettias.


Hello LZ BAND.  It’s Poinsettia Fundraising Season.  Envelopes came home with all the details of the sale.  $16.00 a plant sell to family, neighbors, friends, garbage man.  Below are the forms sent out.

2017 Poinsettia Sale Information
September 20 – October 16, 2017

Two Parts to the Poinsettia Fundraiser
1) Student Sale – Students sell plants and earn money for their individual band accounts
2) Business Sale – Band Parent Volunteers conduct a sale to businesses in Lake Zurich, Hawthorn
Woods, Deer Park and Kildeer, all funds raised are for the band general fund.

Student Benefits: $5.00 will be credited to your band account for every poinsettia plant you sell.
Plant Information: All plants have 8 inch pots with colored foil and 6-8 blooms
Colors: Red, White, and Pink
Price: $16.00 per plant
Where to Sell:
 You may sell to any neighbor, friend, family member, or teachers.
 You may not sell to any business or church in Lake Zurich, Hawthorn Woods, Deer Park, or
Kildeer. Sales to these businesses are reserved for the business sale portion of the fundraiser.
 You may sell to any church or business outside of Lake Zurich, Hawthorn Woods, Deer Park, or
Kildeer. You will be responsible for the delivery of these orders.
Customer Receipt:
 To be used for any customers who request a receipt for their order.
 Copies of this document can be found on the band website.
 Collect money at the time of the sale (checks made out to you or your parent)
 When finished selling, the family will write one check for the total sales. Check to be made out
to BBLZ (Band Boosters Lake Zurich)
 The ONE check should cover the total of all plants sold.
Order Form: Included in packet (If you sold plants last year your sales sheet from 2016 is enclosed for reference)
 Use the order form to document all sales
 If you sell to a teacher in District 95 please use the bottom portion of the order form to record
these sales. Plants sold to teachers will be delivered directly to the respective school by parent
volunteers on plant pick up day.
 Copy your tally sheet, return the original and keep the copy for your records

Return Documents (Order Form and One Check):
 Monday, October 16
th turn in your Order Form and One Check for the total sales to your Band
Director – (make check out to BBLZ)
Pick Up and Delivery:
 You are responsible for the pick up and delivery of all the plants that you sell (except for
orders for District 95 teachers).
Pick Up: Friday, December 1st
– 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Location: Middle School North (band room) 95 Hubbard Lane, Hawthorn Woods, IL
 Please call Donna Young (847-774-7704) e-mail can be directed to Donna at


2017 Customer Receipt

2017 Important Reminders


2017 Poinsettia Sale Information